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All the artists featured on our Artists page will be recording a live session for the Totally Connected project. When an artist has recorded their session the broadcast details will be displayed below under UPCOMING STREAMS. All content is free to view but you can use our Pay As You Feel Donation Link to contribute towards the costs of the project.


The sessions will be live streamed throughout June 2021. After the initial stream the live sessions will be available to view on demand using the VIDEO ARCHIVE feature further down the page.

If you are a member of the Gig Buddies initiative with Mencap please speak to your gig buddy or project co-ordinator to find out how you can get involved with each stream!

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upcoming streams

Click the link to visit the Facebook page where the live stream will be premiered. The live video will appear on that page at the time stated below.

video archive

All our live sessions are still being recorded and are due to be live streamed shortly. After the first live stream, the archive will start to appear here.