Totally Connected is a grassroots music project launched in 2021 from the the team behind Leeds live music venue BOOM.


Whilst people are unable to enjoy music in venues during the pandemic we are using streaming technology to promote grassroots music from here in Leeds across to audiences around the globe. Our project is working with dozens of grassroots musicians to provide "digital gigs"and "digital collaborations". You can view our upcoming events and archived footage via the Streams & Videos page.

We want to get audiences excited about the return of grassroots music and coming back to gigs in person when its safe to do so. All the project streams and videos are free to watch but we are accepting donations towards the project - see below.


The project is also engaging directly with charities that support adults with learning disabilities. With support, members of the 'Gig Buddies' project will be able to access digital social events and workshops around the grassroots music that is being streamed from the Totally Connect project. 

Our venue is taking the opportunity to level up our teams knowledge and understanding of learning disabilities. Through engaging with Gig Buddies & Mencap all our staff are undertaking Learning Disabilities Awareness training.  BOOM will also be co-hosting further workshops with Mencap Gig Buddies for other venue staff who are involved with grassroots music across the city of Leeds.

get involved

Watch the videos & streams


The main way you can get involved with the project is by attending one of the premieres of the streams online. Head over to the Streams & Videos page to take a look at the calendar. If you're unavailable when the stream premieres, you can always watch it 'on catchup' in the archive!

Volunteer to support adults with learning disabilities access gigs, nightlife & other social activities​

We would like to appeal to our network of music lovers to consider volunteering time to help support adults with learning disabilities via the Mencap Gig Buddies projectGig Buddies is a project that matches people with a learning disability with a volunteer who has similar interests to go to nightlife activities together. The aim of the project is to support people with a learning disability to make new friends and help them go out and do the things they enjoy.


You can find out more information here. 

Donate towards the project

All of the content available from the Totally Connected project is free to view online. However if you would like to contribute towards the costs of the project we are accepting donations through Paypal on a 'Pay As You Feel' basis. You can donate here.